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If you have a large item that doesn't fit in your blue bin that you can call Republic at (800) 578-2664. 

Lake Township DOES NOT have a dump site.  The closest one is Harrison.

If you notice a streetlight burned out or flickering, please report it to Consumers:   https://www.consumersenergy.com/outages/street-light-outage-report

The Lake Township Clerk's office is now located within the Lake Township hall at 1380 N. Michelson Road.  Please call first so we can best meet your needs. The clerk can be reached by email: laketownshipclerk@gmail.com or by phone: 989-202-4684.

Dec 13, 7pm Board meeting

If you wish to join our email list, for monthly board meeting reminders, please email laketownshipsupervisor@gmail.com with the following information:

Subject line: Request to be added for Lake Township emails.


Local address


**ALERT - Short-Term Rentals: Please take notice that the use of dwellings for short-term rentals is prohibited in any residential zoning district within Lake Township pursuant to the Township Zoning Ordinance. 

Click here, for Marihuana Ordinance, zoning and application

flat $3.00 fee for an electronic check or 3% for a credit card

Representing the beautiful Western Shore of Houghton Lake

Our Vision

To provide our citizens and visitors a safe, pleasant and fun environment to live, work and enjoy. As stewards of the Western shore of Houghton Lake, we understand what it takes to keep our waterways clean, safe and accessible to the general public.

Board Meetings are conducted the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. at the Lake Township Hall 1380 N. Michelson Rd., Houghton Lake

Lake Township Fire Dept: 13473 W Shore Dr

Phone: (989) 422-5315 (the station is not manned, for emergencies call 911, if you want to talk with the chief, call him directly)


LTFD Fire Chief: Scott Wrzesinski

Phone: (989) 233-4437


Zoning Board of Appeals: Mary Fry,


Phone: (989) 422-4062 


Planning Commission: John Hibbard, 


Phone:  (586) 260-8263


Lake Twp.

PO Box 536

Houghton Lake, MI 48629-0536

Phone: (989) 202-4684


Supervisor: Tony Farhat

12374 W Shore Dr.

Houghton Lake, MI 48629

Phone: (989) 202-5102



Clerk: Andrea Grabowski

1380 N. Michelson Rd

Houghton Lake MI 48629

Phone: (989) 202-4684 laketownshipclerk@gmail.com


Treasurer: Harry Trier

PO Box 536

Houghton Lake MI 48629

Phone: (989) 422-6628 laketownshiptreasurer@gmail.com

Trustee: Tony Olson

408 Clearview Dr

Houghton Lake, MI 48629

Phone: (989) 370-0675


Trustee: David Russo Jr

13293 W Shore Dr.

Houghton Lake, MI 48629

Phone: (989) 302-2988 


Ordinance Enforcement Officer:

Kevin Rose

Phone: (989) 202-4736


PO Box 536 Houghton Lake, MI 48629

Assessor: Mike Houserman

Phone: (989) 302-0848 houserman.assessing@yahoo.com




Lake Township is closed for the following 2022 Holidays:

                  January 1
                  January 17
                  February 21

                  April 15
                  May 30
                  July 1 & 4
                  September 5

                  October 10
                  November 11
                  November 23/24/25
                  December 26-30

                  December 31

2022-23 Lake Township board meeting dates

7pm, 2nd Tuesday of each month

Apr 12

May 10

Jun 14

Jul 12

Aug 9

Sept 13

Oct 11

Nov 10 (Thursday)

Dec 13

Jan 10, 2023

Feb 14, 2023

Mar 14, 2023 

  • To obtain a garage sale permit, please call the Lake Township Clerk at (989) 202-4684. In person by Appt only. Or request by email laketownshipclerk@gmail.com

  • Republic trash service is every Tuesday. Large item's, call for pick up: (800) 578-2664

  • Hazardous Waste Collection for Fall 2022 (Sept 10).

  • Leaf Pickup: Fall 2022: Oct 24 & Nov 7morning pickups (bio-degradable bags only, set out the night before, leaves only, no brush or other yard waste)

  • Burning Permits: (866) 922-2876, Flyer click here.

  • Houghton Lake Cemetery: 1476 Michelson Rd

  • Houghton Lake Building Agency (989) 422-3687

  • Houghton Lake Sewer Authority (989) 422-5811


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