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Ordinance Enforcement  Officer

Ordinance Enforcement Officer: Kevin Rose

Phone: (989) 202-4736


PO Box 536

Houghton Lake, MI 48629

Land Use applications are obtained by contacting the Ordinance Enforcement Officer (OEO). 

You can review Ordinances here, and contact the OEO if you have questions on your project.

If you have a ordinance complaint, contact the OEO. A complaint form is filled out and if a valid violation exists, a violation notice is mailed to the property owner. The owner normally has a ten day window from receipt of the notice to complete/correct the violation or call the Township Officer to work out a plan for resolution.  


If it is a blight violation, it may require a 2nd notice and ten day period before the Township can proceed with hiring a contractor to resolve the blight issue.

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