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Lake Township is located on the western border of Roscommon County. Aptly named for its location on the coast of Houghton Lake, this area is a water-sportsman’s dream. The area along western Houghton Lake is dotted with many cottages and summer resorts and is a popular place for swimming and fishing. This area has the nickname of "Mediterranean of the North," in the summer months due to the warm, pseudo-tropical, sunny atmosphere or the freshwater streams and marshes along the coast, and the rich light blue hue that is seen on the lake when the sun shines. 

This is also where the Muskegon River begins from Houghton Lake, and runs into the Dead Stream Flooding area at the border of Missaukee County, about two miles away. This area, accessible from M-55 just a couple of miles west of the US-27 intersection, contains a variety of water fowl and is a popular spot for duck hunters, canoers and birdwatchers. You can also see a bald eagle or two if you stick around for awhile. A drive north from 55 along Old 27 also shows a good view of the River and the adjacent Houghton Lake Flats Flooding, which includes an observation deck to the west of the road and several osprey nests. 

With easy access to motels and restaurants on the M-55 business strip, and the US-27 freeway, this is definitely a great place to spend part of your summer vacation.

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