Index for Lake Township Ordinances

Ordinance A-Sand Sucker Holes

Ordinance 4 Liquor Control

Ordinance 15 Building Agency

Ordinance 16 Building codes

Ordinance 17 17A HLBA Permit Fees

Ordinance 18 Plumbing Code

Ordinance 20 Adoption of HLBA

Ordinance 24 Adoption of Fiscal Year

Ordinance 26-Deferred Compensation

Ordinance 27 Garage/ Yard Sales

Ordinance 28A Group Health Insurance

Ordinance 29 Mechanical Code

Ordinance 30 MI Consolidated Gas

Ordinance 31 MI Consumers Power

Ordinance 32 Hazardous Materials

Ordinance 34 Towers

Ordinance 38-Sewer

Ordinance 38A Sewer Amendment

Ordinance 38B-Sewer Amendment

Ordinance 41 Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Ordinance 42 Rescinded Ordinances

Ordinance 43 Wind Energy Turbines

Ordinance 45 Waterfront Greenbelts

Ordinance 46 Floodplain Mgt

Ordinance 48 Cemetery

Ordinance 49 Dangerous Buildings

Ordinance 50A Cost Recovery

Ordinance 51 Civil Infraction

Ordinance 52-Anti-Blight

Ordinance 53-Noxious Weeds

Ordinance 54-Land Division

Ordinance 56- Marihuana

Ordinance 57 Planning Commission

Ordinance 58 State Construction Code

Ordinance 59 Civil Infractions Amendment

Ordinance 60 Repeal of Ord 37 and 50

Zoning Ordinances

Ordinance 9