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Township Treasurer

Treasurer: Harry Trier

PO Box 536

Houghton Lake MI 48629

Phone: (989) 422-6628

Lake Township Treasurer is responsible for collection, disbursement and custody of all revenues belonging to and held in trust by the Township.  All funds collected by Township agencies are transmitted to the Treasurer where they are verified, deposited and entered into the Township's financial records.

Based on information provided by the Township Assessor, the Treasurer issues the real and personal property tax bills to the property and business owners that reside in Lake Township.


Questions regarding your taxes, tax bill or receipt of are handled by the Treasurer.

Click above for online assessment/tax information. Property owners can review the information on their property at no charge. To review property you do not own, there is a $6.00 charge per lookup.


Property owners are also able to pay their taxes through this service. There is a flat $3.00 fee for an electronic check or 3% for a credit card.

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