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Township Assessor

Assessor: Mike Houserman 
P.O. Box 536
Houghton Lake, MI 48629-0536
(989) 302-0848 

Click above for online current year assessment/tax information. This information is updated as often as daily and is available to property owners to review their own property at no charge. To view property information you do not own, there is a $3.00 charge per lookup, through the website link above. 


Current year property taxes may be paid through the online service. 


PDF copies of the 2022 property record cards are available below and contain basic property information. When you open the document, press and hold the Control key and press the F key to bring up a little white search bar, key in your name or address to do a search of all the records within that file. If nothing is found, open the second file and do the same. The county website at the bottom has the most basic information.  

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